So the month of May is over and we are quickly moving to the end of the 2nd Quarter of 2018. The 1st Quarter results are listed to the side of this post. The Rap genre is starting to behave the same way it was behaving in 2017, dominating all other genres. So lets catch you up to speed, I will start with the genre that has the least activity. We heard nothing from the Rock Genre in the 1st Quarter and only 3 releases so far in the 2nd Quarter. The Metal Genre has been almost as quiet with only 1 release in the 1st Quarter and only 4 scheduled releases in the 2nd Quarter. The Pop Genre started off slow with 2 releases in the 1st Quarter and picking up some speed in the 2nd Quarter with 5 new releases so far. EDM is normally the quiet guys in the room but they make up for it with really loud and amazing albums they have only 2 releases for the year so far. That leaves us with the dominating force of Rap, they had 9 new releases for the 1st Quarter and not even slowing down with 18 new releases for just April and May they have one more month to finish out the Quarter and if the first 2 months of the quarter are any indication of where they are heading they will break 2017 2nd quarter record of 21 new releases. 

1st Quarter Winners for Rap, EDM, Metal, and Pop

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