My name is Byron Dyess and this is my beautiful wife Susan Dyess and together we have been influencing culture through the medium of audio and video for over 15 years. Our family consists of Delory Huelle and her husband Alex, Bentley Dyess and Jacey Dyess.

We follow the teachings King Jehovah and his son Jesus we rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the use of his power to help us with our daily choices as we continue our journey on this planet. 

Our mission is based on Matthew 28:19 in which we are instructed by Jesus to go and make disciples of nations. We feel the best way to complete this ongoing mission is to teach people how to engage culture. This is done by combining learned skills and individual passions. We call this the Convergence Zone, this is the place where you are engaging in activity that was assigned to you before you were born. We believe by going on this journey you are in the position to disciple nations and therefore when entering the Convergence Zone, you will have entered one or more of the 7 spheres of influence that shapes a nation. Religion, Family, Education, Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, and Business.

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