What are We Doing at Church?

I think I have finally wrapped my brain around the whole church dilemma of not equipping the saints for the work ministry. For about a little over a year now I have been studying about impacting culture through the teaching of the 7 Mountain Mandate, and I have been very enlighted on this subject and how the church has missed this very important aspect of the great commission of making disciples of nations. At first, I was confused thinking that the current state of church models needed to stop what they were doing and make an adjustment to the right way. I slowly realized that was not going to happen this big machine of modern day Christianity was not going stop and make a course correction. So, with that in mind, I have a different angle to view this subject matter from. We do need people to have the good Friday experience of accepting the gift of salvation for eternal life, and we need people to have a resurrecting Sunday experience of letting Jesus help put a broken life back together. But what about the people who are beyond that stage of their relationship with Jesus? What about the people who have had their good Friday experience and have had their broken life put back together? It seems that the cycle from most modern day churches while you are on this journey is, plug into a local church and find a place to serve keep your head down and don’t get in the way of the real ministry and invite people to your place of worship so that they can do what you did, accept Jesus, put your life together, and join the greeter team to fulfil your purpose in life. Now I know what you are thinking what a jerk what could possibly be wrong with that scenario? Well yes, I was a jerk until this past Easter Sunday, I thought that this model was flawed because I did not fit in anywhere in this process and I thought the process needed to be different but I realized people do need Jesus and they do need to restore their broken lives and in this environment, they can successfully complete this phase of their lives. And that is where I come in because we aim just for souls we played to small and we show up short where culture is concerned. There is a lot more for people like me than just getting someone to say the sinner’s prayer, the real glory of God is when you show up in a system that is broken and manifest the power of the age to come. Jesus is more the Lord of messed up souls he is the Lord of nations he is what the nations are looking for and they can’t find him because we don’t represent him. Jesus is robbed of glory when all you do is focus on the souls that go to heaven when they die. So that leads me to my point of what do people that are ready for the next phase of the journey go and do? I have a couple of ideas, first, we need to create a small group curriculum that people could connect with and learn how to take the next step into their destiny. Second, there needs to be a secondary place to gather where kingdom business is discussed, strategies are put into place, reports are given on the current state of culture in each mountain. This would be separate from the Sunday morning message where people are finding Jesus and still getting their broken lives back together it would be an actual anointed skilled man of God equipping the saints for the work of the ministry which is making disciples of nations. But I don’t know where to start, at my current place of worship as a small group and let it build from there. Or start a new ministry from the ground up with this new model. I think the big problem is people are stuck and they are not even aware that they have an assignment from God that is greater than the greeter team at the local church. If you are in the same position as I have described myself here please leave a comment with any ideas that you might have and connect with me and let’s start moving into our convergence zone.

God Speed.

Byron Dyess