The Gospel Jesus Preached is Not The Gospel You Have Been Taught

Jesus used the word kingdom 144 times and, the word church 4 times. There are numerous scriptures that people use to justify that they are doing the correct thing because nobody wants to be wrong. The very reason that I am writing this blog is proof that I do not want to be wrong. And I am using numerous scripture to justify my case as well. However, I feel my slant on the message that Jesus instructed us to preach has more validity because the message that is being preached by the church looks nothing like the instructions that he left for us. I think for the most part people are reverse engineering the reason they do what they do. In my status update, I posted a question on Facebook to poll people what scripture instructed them to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ? So immediately some gathered their thoughts as to what they assumed this meant to them and then went and found the scripture to back that idea up. This is where I differ I take the instructions left from Jesus and move forward to the present to see if that fits in what we are doing as a church with the instructions he left. Sadly it does not fit and leaves me with asking questions to the church as to what the heck are we doing? And because it goes against what you have been taught I now look like a critic and you might have to admit you were wrong which hurts to admit and in most case I will be attacked and the blame shifted to me as the person who is wrong. I for one need to share to the world that the Kingdom of Heaven is nowhere for you to enter and have it enter into your heart. And to infiltrate the systems of the world to teach them all that Jesus commands by living life by those commands in front of them. The good news of the kingdom, when one hears the word kingdom, immediately many different ideas, concepts, and pictures come to mind. Most of our concepts in life are the result of our culture, social development, and formal and informal education. We are products of our culture and interpret the world through our mental conditioning. The concept of kingdom in its original and pure sense has been lost to our modern world. Kingdom as a concept does not exist anymore in the minds of people in Western civilization, particularly in the past few generations, because all the prototypes either have been destroyed or abandoned. Because there are no kingdoms or remnants of kingdoms left in the western world, we live in a generation where the true meaning of the greatest message ever told cannot be fully understood. Mankind’s failure through disobedience to his Creator resulted in the loss of his dominion over the earth. He lost his kingdom mandate, his gift of divine power. In short man lost his kingdom. It is important to note here that when man fell from grace, he lost a kingdom, not a religion. He lost dominion over the earth; he did not lose heaven. Therefore, mankind’s search if not for a religion or for Heaven, but for his kingdom. This is why religion can never satisfy the deep hunger in the heart of man. Religion is itself the search. No religion can substitute for the kingdom or fill the vacuum in man’s soul. The hunger of the human heart is for the lost kingdom. A careful and honest look at the biblical Script will reveal that the fundamental message of this greatly misunderstood Book is about a King and a Kingdom. The Bible is not primarily about a religion or rituals, but about the establishment of a kingdom rulership on this planet from the heavenly realm. It is about a divine project of governing earth from Heaven through mankind. In practical terms, the Bible is about a royal family mandated to colonize earth from Heaven. I believe no one who has ever lived has been misunderstood more than the young teacher who happened to be born, not by preference but by promise, through the line of the Old  Testament Hebrew patriarch Abraham – Jesus the Christ. Jesus’ message, assignment, passion, and purpose were not to establish a religion of rituals and rules but rather to reintroduce a Kingdom. Everything Jesus said and did was focused on a kingdom, not a religion. Those, to whom he came first, the Jews, misunderstood Jesus and saw him as a rebel, a misfit, and a fanatic. In their minds he was, at best, a misguided rabbinical teacher spreading heresies that contaminated the teachings and laws of Moses and Judaism. Christians have misunderstood him as the founder of a religion and have transformed his teachings and his methods into customs and his activities into rituals. Many have reduced his message to nothing more than an escapist plan for getting to heaven and his promises as a mere fire insurance policy for escaping the pains of a tormenting hell. Jesus had only one message, one mandate, and one mission – the return of the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. Jesus’ first announcement found in Matthew 4:17 was the arrival of the Kingdom of Heaven. His solution to the malnourished and bankrupt human spirit was not a religion but the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, if you are spiritually poor; only the Kingdom will satisfy and fulfill your hunger. The Kingdom is God’s priority and must become our priority if we are to overcome the confusion of religions and the threat of self-destruction.