Demon Hunter Releases New Album Less Than 48 Hours – OvTLive

3 years ago approximately on March 18th, 2014 Demon Hunter dropped Extremist onto our metal heads. And with like all the past releases before it seemed in my opinion, this band keeps producing each album better than the one before. So it’s been 3 years since the boys have slapped us in the face with some new metal, other than that time Ryan did the whole Knives thing, but we have not had to wait this long for some Demon Hunter metal since that wait between the cold dark corridor of Storm The Gates of Hell and The World is a Thorn. So in just less than 48 hours, we will have another rain storm of metals finest showering down upon us drowning us with metal gold. Ok, that was weird anyway, I have very high expectations that this 8th time to the studio will be better than the rest and I cannot wait to give this album a full review. That being said how about that album cover art? Let’s take a vote of which album cover is your favorite. I have put together on one picture all of the albums in the order that they were released, so take a long look at them and then vote for your favorite and see how many others agree or disagree with your choice.