October 31, 2016

Episode 26 – Is That Krispy Kreme or Crystal Meth?

This week’s episode we talked about avoiding the cops by hiding in a In and Out Burger drive through line. Are those junk yard dogs just not doing the job? why not upgrade to a junk yard Bull? This Spaniard is not taking any chances on anyone breaking into his place again, he recruited 2 fighting bulls to watch over his place. Next time you want to eat your Krispy Kreme donuts in the car you might want to think again those delicious little flakes are now the prime suspect by law enforcement to be Crystal Meth. (until tested at the crime lab of course). We finished up the show once again reminding you of God’s Chaos Candidate, and the Cyrus anointing on Donald Trump from Isaiah 45. Don’t forget we now have a YouTube channel you can link to this on the sidebar on our website. Please consider partnering with us on our support page. Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing.

October 24, 2016

Episode 25 – God’s Chaos Candidate

This weeks episode we talk about getting a ride from your dad to go to an interview and then rob a bank, 250,000-year-old space metal found and God’s Chaos Candidate Donald J. Trump, we discuss Lance Wallnau’s new book and why Donald has the Cyrus anointing to be the wrecking ball in the political season. This was also our debut of our first live show and it did have some bumps in the road we will attempt to navigate more smoothly next week.

October 22, 2016

Album of the Month

Well, it’s that time once again where the music needs to be voted on by the listener. We are screaming toward the end of October and we are quickly stacking up new releases and are overwhelmed with decisions of who to crown the title of Album of the Month. So here is the breakdown in the Rock genre it looks like this month will remain consistent with the previous months of Rock very light on new releases. Disciple – Long Live the Rebels will be declared the winner as they are the only band who released an album this month. In the Metal genre we have quiet the battle with 3 heavy hitters all who have had smash hits in the past.Fit for a King, The Devil Wears Prada and Seeker. I have picked what I think is the best song from each new album take a listen and then vote for who you think should be crown album of the month.










For the Electronic Dance Music genre, it looks like only one album drop as well just like Rock so the winner will go to Matthew Parker – Adventure. The Rap genre has been very busy this year and this month is no exception here are your contenders to vote for album of the month.












October 10, 2016

God’s Chaos Candidate

My wife and I have been against politicians for a long time stating that they just become part of a system that is corrupt and in order to attempt to make any positive changes they had to become part of the system. With the economics always in a downward spiral it seemed that the country needed leadership from the business world, and of course we always thought of Donald Trump as far back as we could remember. So the years passed by and this never became a reality, so when we heard that the Donald was running in 2016 we were immediately excited to see the vision we had so long ago becoming a reality. Then here comes the Christians with their staunch position that the Donald could not be their guy because he did not share the same values as a clean cut, cookie cutter old christian mold. I find it no coincidence that I had just started following Lance Wallnua about 6 months before the announcement of Trump’s candidacy, and everything Lance has stated in regards to Trumps campaign resonated with me immediately. Lance came on the scene with statements such as “Trump will be a wrecking ball to the political correctness in America” “Trump has the Cyrus anointing” Isaiah 45 revealed how God named Cyrus 150 years before the events of Cyrus delivering God’s people from the Babylonian empire, and more importantly Cyrus was a outsider someone who did not know Jehovah. Then Lance informed his followers that he would be writing a book and this excited me because now I would have reference material to point people to that did not have a full understanding of what was going on with this election cycle. Here is the link to the book please grab a copy if you want to learn more about the Trumps journey so far. CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW THE BOOK

I can no longer associate with anyone that aligns themselves with Hillary Clinton and the progressive left. If you know me and you fall into this category I am sorry and I will be praying for you but you have aligned your self with demonic forces and I will not allow you to influence me or anyone in my family. There are 3 levels that people will fall into when dealing with Trump.

Level 1—Opinion: This is usually based on media information sources, social media interaction and peer group social trends.

Level 2—Belief: This represents a stronger version of opinions based on certain assumptions of truth.

Level 3—Conviction: This is a core belief that has strong feelings and arguments attached to it.

At Level 3, a person’s identity is wrapped up in their belief.

The average American who doesn’t like Trump is usually responding to the stereotype of him that has been sketched out by the media. They are operating at Level 1/Opinion or Level 2/Belief.

Trump is the first candidate to seek office who owns no party agenda other than rescuing a system in danger of collapse by the spend-now-pay-later politically correct establishment who set it up.


October 3, 2016

Episode 24 – I Smell Like Marijuana

We are back from a 2 week break we heard you missed us, on this episode the gang talks about Mr. Little getting banned from the public transit for his overwhelming odor of marijuana, the presidential debate, and the Church movements from 30 AD to present.